alcohol supportDo you use alcohol to have a good time? Have you ever woke up in the morning and could not remember the night before? Are you drinking to help you deal with issues in your life?

Please get in touch if you have answered yes to any of the above we have friendly approachable staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience who can offer advice and support as a service we understand the needs of young people and all our assessments and goals are solely focused on the you and your needs. Please take the time to complete the alcohol questionnaire.

Top 10 Facts About Alcohol

1. You would have to run for roughly 34 minutes to burn off the calories in half a bottle of 13% red wine.
2. A pint of lager contains as many calories as a slice of pizza.
3. One unit of alcohol is equal to either 10ml or 8g of pure alcohol.
4. A pint of 4.5% cider contains more than twice the number of alcohol units than a standard 25ml shot of 40% spirit.
5. Alcohol consumption by college students is linked to at least 1,400 student deaths and 500,000 unintentional injuries each year.
6. Alcohol is the number one date rape drug.
7. Alcohol does not relieve depression – it makes it worse.
8. Ages 18-24 coincides with the peak years for onset and intensification of the most common mental health problems among youth – including alcohol abuse.
9. Excessive drinking can decrease the amount of testosterone in a man’s body and cause impotence.
10. Birth control pills slow down the rate at which alcohol is eliminated from the body.