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familyWhy do we offer support to family members?

Research shows that having a close relative with a drug or alcohol problem can be very stressful for family members. By offering support to family members we can help you to reduce stress within the family and improve family relationships and communication. Research also shows that providing support for family members and involving them in the support and treatment of young people increases the young person’s chances of success in tackling their drug and alcohol problems and reduces their chances of relapse.

What support do we offer to family members?

We can offer you telephone support or one to one support (at our office or a location which is convenient to you) to give you the opportunity to talk through how your loved one’s substance use is affecting you. We can also provide you with information about different substances to increase your knowledge and address some of the fears you may have.


Below is info we give Young People:

Why would I want my family to receive support?

Living with or having a relative with an alcohol or drug problem can be a very stressful experience. The needs of family members in these situations are important in addition to the needs of the alcohol and/or drug using relative. Family members of people with alcohol and drugs problems show high rates of stress and are therefore at increased risk of physical and emotional health problems. By working with whole families, Lifeline Journey aims to help reduce the amount of stress within the family.  We aim to build on strength, relationships and communication within the family, all of which can lead to stronger support and motivation for you and your family.

What are the benefits to me and my recovery?

Research shows that keeping your family involved in your treatment can increase your chances of success and may help you through possible relapse. Having family support can help you to seek support for your drug or alcohol use, help you to progress through this treatment and support, reduce the possibility of you relapsing into drug or alcohol use, and support you in your long term goals.

How can support from Lifeline Journey benefit my family?

Lifeline Journey offers a free and confidential support service to family members.  We can offer one to one and telephone support to give your family the opportunity to talk through how they are feeling and to increase their knowledge of substance use. We can also refer them to our partner service “Explore Family”, for ongoing support.  Not only will this help your family to support you in your own recovery, it will also help them to focus on their own physical and emotional wellbeing.